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Brainswork Selma Prodanovic Consulting

NEW: The 5 shortcuts to scale-up your business influence worldwide!

with Selma Prodanovic


Millions are dreaming of having a worldwide influential business but only a small number will really make it: those who know how!  

Now you can learn 5 proven shortcuts to creating and scaling a worldwide influential business. Be one of the few and make a difference!

Developed by Startup-Grande-Dame Selma Prodanovic, a pioneering entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist, author, worldwide influential business creator and connector, this hands-on business creation & scaling program will inspire you to "dare to do" & provide you with proven strategies and specific steps for you to succeed!


Based on over a decade of teaching, lecturing and training this program is designed for transformation. You will start with a 5 weeks online learning phase, followed by a full year of mentoring to keep you on track, and enhenced by a 3-days live workshop experience to skyrocket your business to the next level.  


Feeling lonely with your big vision & dream? Today is the day! Decide you want to succeed, book the course, and live the business of your dreams in 2016!


Selma spent over 25 years researching, experimenting and creating worldwide influencial businesses, organizations, networks, and communities... And now for the first time ever she has summarized her most valuable experience and expertise in this specific program and she will share it with YOU!


When you register, you receive the same training and tools Selma would give her highest-level clients, from every day people in transition starting a new business, to multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and investors, or CEOs pitching for a billion dollar contract. 


The author of "Brainsbook on Networking" and "Between Steel & Chocolate: Inspiring Success Stories from Austria", Selma has gathered her top findings, most successful strategies, and most effective tactics together. In this UNIQUE PROGRAM YOU RECEIVE:


5-weeks of mastery-level online training starting December 1st 2015. You can take the training at your own pace and you have access to it for LIFE.
Week 1: The founder (s): love your fears & dare to do
Week 2: The strategy: lead by power or influence 
Week 3: Social Capital: use your undervalued resources

Week 4: Financials & more: think like an investor
Week 5: The next level: build your success loop


12 months of LIVE monthly group mentoring from Selma (January-December 2016). She has never offered this before! But she is dedicated to working with you every single month LIVE via interactive webtools. 

1 tuition-waiver to the 3-days LIVE workshop with Selma Prodanovic. There will be two in Europe in 2016 and you get to choose which you want to attend. The first will be March 4th-6th 2016 in Vienna (Austria). 


BONUS 1: You will receive a pdf-version of the outstanding "Brainsbook on Networking" written by 40 authors from 15 countries with special tipps by Selma Prodanovic. 


BONUS 2: In addition you get the extra on-line session "1millionstartups for you!" - a lecture for which Selma gets paid 5-figure fees as keynote speaker . It's perfect if you want your business to grow with the flow.


There are few elite-level entrepreneurs offering their time, tools, and expertise like this. But Selma has dedicated her life to supporting as many (future) entrepreneurs as possible to reach their full potential and create their dream business. But as Selma puts it "I've been there, I've than that". Selma went through all the difficult (and amazingly exciting!) stages of starting from scratch, making all the possible mistakes, going through depression and burn-out to now living her business dream of successfully running several companies, supporting over 400 startups, influencing €30 million pre-seed investment decisions, or inspiring #1millionstartups.


NOTE: the program is especially of interest to startups solving real-life problems, impact startups, female founders and business owners, and future-oriented businesses.


To quote Selma: "Entrepreneurship is the freedom to choose and create your own path to success".This is your ticket to secure your very own success! 


Join us and you get: 

       * over 5 hours of online lectures (worth €1.960,-)
       * full year - 12 monthly live online group mentoring sessions (worth €2.400,-)
       * free entry to the 3-days LIVE workshop with Selma Prodanovic (worth €3.900,-)


Instead of paying €8.260,- you get the full program for only €1.458,-  (including 20% VAT & fees)!







or in 3 monthly instalments of €498,- below: 







This program has a full 15-days satisfaction guarantee, so signup today! You'll be transformed forever.

For any further questions or details simply contact us directly!


Selma Prodanovic, the Startup-Grande-Dame, is for many the most influential business creator, startup developer and connector in Europe.


A passionate entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, executive advisor, angel investor, and venture philanthropist she is famous for her ability to discover, develop, and connect business potential worldwide.


Selma is founder & CEO of Brainswork, co-founder & board member of Austrian Angel Investors Association, board member of European Business Angel Network, and founder & CEO of 1millionstartups. 


She supported over 400 startups, investors and CEOs to grow a more successful business, was over 1000 times on stage as a speaker, has media coverage in 36 countries, and reached over 5 millions people.


Selma believes making a positive difference is a basic human right. She is dedicated to helping one million (future) entrepreneurs to create their dream business. And being a mom of two fantastic teenagers...

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