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Selma Prodanovic

If the number 1 problem between YOU & 

YOUR DREAM STARTUP is MONEY then keep on reading! 

There is enough money out there but 

"how" to get funded is the true challenge!

What is a dream startup?

A dream startup is more than just a business. It evolves from an issue you, the founder, are passionate about. It has your own authentic touch. It is part of your identity. It carries your personal values. You create it based on your own projection of what is important in business and what a business should look like and how you can make a positive difference, have an impact beyond yourself.  It is about you taking the freedom to choose and create your own path to success!


Doesn't ring a bell? Just think of Steve Jobs & Apple, Elon Musk & Tesla, Sara Blakely & Spanx, Arianna Huffington & Huffington Post, J.K. Rowling & Harry Potter,...


The good news

Investors love authentic, unique, not so easily replicable founder stories & startups.

The bad news

Statistics says that business angels invest in just 1% of the business plans they receive. In other words, 99% of you reading this will not get funded! Not because you are not good enough or your startup is not promising enough but because you will make one or more of the many "avoidable mistakes" such as seeking the wrong business angel, or simply misinterpret their motivation to invest but most importantly because you will fundraise without a clear strategic process behind!


The solution

You can now learn online the easy  5-step fundraising process to raise funds from business angels and start implementing it immediately. Increase the chances to live your dream! 

How do we know?

Selma Prodanovic received thousands of requests for funding from across the world and supported over 400 startups. In the last 12 years she learned  how much potential can be hidden behind a bad presentation or an introverted founder. True to her mission and wishing to provide the obviously much needed support, she combined her research, knowledge and experience working with both startups and business angels and developed the easy 5-step fundraising process.

"There is so much information out there, yet I could not find the one relevant blog, video or book I could recommend to my startups, so I created myself this startup fundraising course!"

Selma Prodanovic 

Who is this for?

This course is intended for first time founders who want to create their dream startup and need to raise money from business angels & investors as to reach the next milestone, to come closer to their dream. In the fundraising process there is no room or time left for mistakes and next-time-I'-ll-do-it-better attitude. Experienced entrepreneurs will find it very relevant and useful while those who are fundraising for the first time and do not exactly know what and how to do it will benefit most from this unique course. 

What will you learn?

You will learn how to professionally approach fundraising from day one and how to set up the optimal structure and process for your success. Also you will have the opportunity to get into the mind of an early stage investor and understand the process from a business angel point of view. Why is this important? Among others because when you understand the other side your negotiation position improves!



MAIN CONTENT - the easy 5-steps fundraising process 

We have identified and developed a unique process and methodology and in this course your will learn the crucial 5-steps fundraising process as well as the strategies, tactics, and tools needed - all extended with real-life examples of sucessful and failed fundraising.


PLUS - Additional bonus 1 (1 video)

"The 10 things you need to know before you start" is an introductory session which gives you an overview on most common mistakes and insights on if and when do you need an investment.

PLUS - Additional bonus 2 (1 video)

"Why should I invest in you?" is an additional session which brings you closer to how business angels think and act. Make working together and negotiating easier!




NOTE: The course is currently not available!

If you are interested to join next time simply contact us




Lessons learned in this course go way beyond money making!


 We don't believe in "easy money". We know luck is important but we believe in hard work, adding value and serving others with excellence. With this course you will have the tools you need to succeed but we do not know you and, besides, the results in your life are up to you so we can not guarantee that your fundraising will be successful!  Yet we trust our future in the hands of entrepreneurs like you and we know "money follows ideas". Give yourself a chance and learn from a top influential business angel!  

About Selma Prodanovic

Selma learned her lessons the hard way by going through all the mistakes entrepreneus make when starting their business including spending years at the verge of bankruptcy. With her experience she made it her mission to make it easier for others to create world class businesses. Today she is an angel investors and philanthropist who supported over 400 startups and is among the most influential angel investors in Europe. She is the founder of 1MillionStartups and the Brainswork Group, co-founder & Vice-President of Austrian Angel Investors Association, board member of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN), member of the Global Business Angel Network (GBAN) and was also a jury investor in the Austrian startups TV show "2minutes 2million" (like Dragon's Den or Shark Tank). She teaches at universities, authored two books, rocked the stage as a speaker over 1000 times, reached millions of individuals, and was featured in media in 40 countries.

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