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Brainswork Selma Prodanovic Consulting




We are passionate entrepreneurs and we supported over 400 startups, CEOs, and investors on their journey of creating and building successful world class businesses. You can now profit from our unique experience and holistic approach. Book one of our worldwide available services or simply contact us for more information.


Advising for C-level executives and investors









1:1 with Selma Prodanovic checking your business idea or startup !


What we offer:


Check the quality of your business idea and the investment readiness of your startup. Is the idea clear and understandable? The structure and business model promising? Is the USP communication sharp enough? How to finance growth? What do investors look at? In this session, Selma Prodanovic will personally analyze your idea and advise you on your next steps. Get a quick check by the most influential business angelina in Europe!

only EUR 500,-

excluding 20% VAT









Exclusive for CEO's who dare to lead & create the future! 


What we offer:


The biggest challenge for CEOs is coping with the growing "speed of change". To ensure you have a better overview of the complex issues we help you create or question and cross-check your strategic decisions on a regular basis. Benefit from our experience with over 400 startups, corporates, and investors, our famous out-of-the-box approach to creating markets, and our international information access. 


yearly retainer starting from 

EUR 25.000,-/year








Move to the next level by better using your growth & innovation potential!


What we offer:


Created by Selma Prodanovic the Brainsworking Session is an ideal tool for companies to identify ways how to better use their potentials and grow their business faster. How to go international? How to reach more clients or enable a larger share of customer. In addition, a blink on how the fast change and new disruptive business models affect the corporate world will be provided in this 1-2 days intensive session. 


starting from EUR 6.000,-


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We have a million problems in the world. Startups create solutions. We need 1 million startups. #1millionstartups is the first worldwide campaign dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurs to create the 1 million solutions we need. 



A mastermind network of 100 influential individuals and companies from around the world, all united by their passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and education.



As keynote speaker she travels on her mission to empower entrepreneurs worldwide. She was over 1000 times on stage, with media coverage in 36 countries, and over 2 million people reached. 

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