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Brainswork Selma Prodanovic Consulting
Brainswork Selma Prodanovic Consulting


We work with (future) startups and those who want to think like one.



You have a business idea, a vision and want to check the success potential?



What we offer:


Your idea is the centre of attention. Is it suitable for a business set-up? Potentially profitable? Promising? Is it of a certain quality? Should it be changed or developed? In an one-hour session we will see into your idea and advise you on your next steps. Get a quick check by the most influential boutique business developer in Central Europe.


EUR 250,-







You run your business but you feel more must be possible?



What we offer:


The Brainsworking Sessions are an ideal tool for smaller groups to gain deeper understanding of specific business development issues. Benefit from our experience with over 300 startups and increase your chance to rise to the top! We check your business for untapped potential and advise you on how to improve it and be more successful.


starting from EUR 2,500,-




As CEO you want an independant sparring-partner for your strategic decisions?


What we offer:


On a regular basis we support your strategic development and decion-making process. Being outside-of-the-box allows us for a more objective  view on the complex issues you are facing. Based on our hands-on experience and international information access we  accompany your business success as a reliable and confidential partner. 


starting from EUR 1,000,-

At the beginning there is always one individual with one idea, and one vision for a successful business. And then it gets more complex. We support and consult our clients to make their vision come true and stay with them as long as they feel they benefit.


Read about our worldwide available services below or simply contact us for more information.






Network, cowork, brainswork - join the "Brains" at the BrainsClub!

By becoming a Brainsclub member you are immediately embedded in the influential worldwide Brainswork network and you can profit from the variety of partners and knowledge available. Join us virtually or in our Viennese office, meet the "Brains" in person, work in a vibrating atmosphere, participate in the Brainsworking sessions with Selma Prodanovic or our webinars, and much more.

The basic BrainsClub membership is intended for a 3-months period. The first cycle starts November  4th, 2013.  Membership is limited. For more information or to register, simply contact us!

EUR 99,- per month.




The BrainsLounge is an innovative 5-hours  conference format dedicated to the idea: Brains + Hearts = Future!

The BrainsLounge envisions being a "tool" for building a global network of futuremakers; traveling to different countries; creating, developing and spreading messages of change; connecting connectors and leaders; and, above all, being the main source of strategies to tackle the power of brains and hearts for a better future.

The BrainsLounge is the result of an IncrediblEurope 2049 and Brainswork cooperation with local partners. You want to co-create the future with some of the most innovative and creative Brains of our time? Listen to your heart and organize a BrainsLounge in your city!  Contact us.



Call us whenever there is an urgent business matter or simply enjoy the freedom of no-appointments! For an agreed retainer you can reach us whenever you want. We are always there for you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!



We are happy to offer individual and customized packages and offers upon request. Tell us more about your needs!



The startup/corporation connection: „Why do major car producers invest into racing teams such as in Formula 1? Because they can test their technology and innovations under high pressure and extreme conditions and then use the findings in their core business. Brainswork's approach is very much alike: we support and work with the most innovative startups. A large share of this startup experience is transferrable to the corporate world and vice versa. The relevant experience and knowledge transfer between the different worlds is at our core.“ - Selma Prodanovic.

Discover your passion for networking with "The Brainsbook on Networking" written by 40 authors from 15 countries and edited by Selma Prodanovic. For more information or to order your copy simply contact us!

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