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2015 erfolgreich abschliessen

Inspiration aus der Startup Welt

Workshop mit Selma Prodanovic:

1millionstartups' membership 2016 

Your fast track to startup success

LIMITED OFFER: only till December 31st!


1millionstartups membership for €99 

Every year there are 100 million new entrepreneurs in the world!

Are you "just" 1 in 100 million?


Or do you want more? If you want to impact, stand out from the crowd, and be successfull you have to make sure your business is unique and authentic. 



1millionstartups now offers

the 2016 membership for only €99

This one-off offer is available only till December 31st 

The number of "seats" is limited

and will be on first come first served basis.



1millionstartups is the first worldwide campaign and community dedicated to promoting the startup world and its relevance for a better tomorrow, as well as inspiring new founders and business angels to create the startups we need.


With this campaign we want to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in the world and to encourage one million individuals to follow their dreams, ideas and visions and turn them into successful businesses.


We are offering to you an unique opportunity to improve your business and help your startup grow. This is an amazing opportunity for every entrepreneur who wants his business/startup to put on a higher level, differentiate themselves from the others and grow a community of loyal customers and clients.


This mentorship programme will run our founder and Startup-Grande-Dame, Selma Prodanovic. As she says: „I´m not the one telling you what to do. I´m the one empowering you to do what you do best“.















Change is inevitable and to be able to adapt to that change you need to act fast, keep it simple and trust your instinct. The greatest success comes from making a step forward and moving your business to a next level by percipitating change and investing in something that adds value to your product/service. In order to do that you need to find new aproaches for development and growth.


1millionstartups is here to give your business a different aproach and to make sure that it´s on its path to success. We´re offering you a 6 month mentorship programme at a special price of 99€ only till the end of this year. The princip is: first signed, first delivered, so hurry up to get your chance to scale your business and improve your net value.


3 reasons to become a member:

  • fast: boost your startup and get inspired and empowered by the community & through monthly group on-line sessions 

  • influence: access to exclusive events & influential networking

  • fun: get monthly surprises & enjoy the support


How does it work:

Your membership starts in January 2016 and lasts till December 31st 2016. Every month from January to June 2016 you will be able to attend a 90 minutes live on-line session with Selma Prodanovic. The session will have 3 parts: Selma's lecturing on a topic relevant to your needs and based on your questions, 2-3 startups. The mentorship will be given to you in a series of events through a 6 month period and at the end of this programme every subscriber/participant will get a special gift.


At 1millionstartups we care about you and your business and we want you to be a part of our growing community.



€99 (incl. 20% VAT) OFFER AVAILABLE

ONLY TILL 31th of December 2015!

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