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Brainswork Selma Prodanovic Consulting
Initiated by Selma Prodanovic, BrainsClub is a Brainswork project.



You are not alone!

#togetherWE can create the world we want.


Today millions of entrepreneurs across the world are already creating solutions to real-life problems and tackling the grand challenges of our time - to the benefit of us all.


1MillionStartups is the global support platform for SDG entrepreneurs & startups ie those who are working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals


Over 25 years of experience and research in the field of entrepreneurship show that visibility is the key pre-condition for startup success. Only if entrepreneurs and startups are visible, they can be reached by potential investors, consumers, partners, the media, or any other ecosystem stakeholders.


With 1MillionStartups we make sure our members get the global exposure they deserve and provide the relevant knowledge & experience exchange. By 2030 we will invest €100 million in our members.

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